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October 11, 2019 15:24
9 Famous Celebrities Who Have Come Out In 2019

It’s October 11th, 2019 which is considered as the National Coming Out day. With the society changing its course over the last few years, people are becoming more receptive of other people irrespective of how they define their sexuality. India just legalized homosexuality this year and that itself is a very big breakthrough for the country.

Following so many changes happening, we thought, on this special day, we will list out all the famous celebrities who have come out in 2019 so far.

Anthony Bowens

                       (Image source from: pinknews.co.uk)

Anthony Bowens came out as bisexual back in 2017 but over the recent turn of events, in an YouTube video with his boyfriend, Bowens came out as gay in 2019. In a sentence, he said that he now prefers to be labeled as gay, stating that he no longer feels uncomfortable stating who he is supposed to be.

Bowens said, “Most people who come out say they had a moment in their youth when they figured out something was different. They just knew they were gay. I never had one of those moments."

Ben Platt

                       (Image source from: billboard.com)

Following so many speculations surrounding his sexuality, Ben Platt finally set the record straight following the release of his single “Ease my Mind” which starred Charlie Carver who is an openly gay actor. While conceptualizing his singles and the theme for the music video, Platt revealed in an interview conducted with People Magazine that he wanted it to be raw and true.

And that was to describe the songs written for the man that he was in love with back then. He said that he has been out to his family and friends since he was 12 years old, so it wasn’t something he was ashamed of.

Lilly Singh

                        (Image source from: ew.com)

Popular YouTuber and now a Late night show host, Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman came out as bisexual with a casual tweet stating “female, coloured, bisexual.” The tweet left everyone in a frenzy, making her fans shower her with all the love and support that she needed.

Lilly has time and time empowered people to accept themselves for who they are and it is beautiful to see that she is finally following through her own words. According to her, she said that the ride hasn’t been smooth and that she has struggled with ups and downs through the process but she is starting to embrace them as her superpowers now.

Sam Smith

                        (Image source from: independent.co.uk)

The “Too Good At Goodbyes” singer came out as genderqueer and non-binary in one of his interviews back in March with Jameela Jamil. The singer dated Brandon Flynn, the 13 Reasons Why star but then broke up a few months later. The Oscar winning singer went out to reveal that he is finally comfortable and happy being out and free.

Explaining his thoughts on gender and labeling it, Sam said "You do not identify in a gender. You are a mixture of all these different things. You are your own special creation. That is how I take it. I am not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between—somewhat on the spectrum."

Ariana Grande

                        (Image source from: toyotacenter.com)

Even though the pop star didn’t necessarily come out, she released a song with her best friend Victoria Monet titled Monopoly where the lyrics say “I like women and men” which sparked the rumours that the star could be bisexual.

Addressing one of the tweets made, Ariana said that she has never felt the need to label her sexuality and she is not going to do so in the future as well. So, no, we don’t know what Ariana labels herself as. It is completely on her terms and what she is comfortable with.

Tyler Blackburn

                       (Image source from: pinknews.co.uk)

With so many questions popping around, nobody was ready to take in the news when Tyler Blackburn, the popular ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star came out as bisexual. He came out with an interview with The Advocate. He said that he is queer and that he has always identified himself as bisexual since he was a teenager.

He said that playing someone queer on screen was one of the stepping stones to his coming out. He could feel every last emotion of the character he played. He connected well with him. We definitely can’t control out emotions either, Tyler.

Dan Howell

                        (Image source from: tubefilter.com)

The famous YouTuber, Dan Howell came out to his audience via an YouTube video titled “Basically I am Gay”. He released the video on June this year, coinciding with the Pride month. He went on to his twitter to address everything with a long post as well, making it known to people how he identifies his sexuality.

Howell said that coming out does make it seem like a second chapter in life for him. He has always wondered how it would be if the world changes around for the better and he feels it’s the right time to acknowledge yourself for who you are.

Willow Smith

                       (Image source from: youtube.com)

Willow Smith, who is a popular American singer and songwriter as well as the daughter of the popular actor, Will Smith finally opened up about her thoughts on sexuality, telling that she likes men and women just as passionately. She also shared her views on polyfidelitous relationships.

Willow said that she believes a lot on the emotional connections and if she went and found a man and a woman she connected well with emotionally and sexually, she wouldn’t have the need to find anyone else.

Lil Nas X

                       (Image source from: kiss925.com)

Montero Lamar Hill, professionally known as Lil Nas X is a popular rapper, singer and songwriter. He took to twitter to finally come out and state the same to his followers and audience. He came out as gay. He has always wanted to do things on his own terms and accord and this was the last straw that helped him reach that pinnacle of freedom.

Coming out is not an easy process and should never be forced upon. It is your thing. Do it only when you are comfortable letting other people know. On this National Coming Out Day, we thought we’d share some of the celebrities who recently came out and embraced themselves out to the public.

By Somapika Dutta

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