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March 13, 2020 10:42
Brazilian official who met Donald Trump has COVID-19; No plans to Test Trump

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A senior Brazilian official who has attended the weekend events with the President of the United States Donald Trump in Florida is said to have been tested positive for being infected by the deadly novel coronavirus which marks the first time that someone being infected have come in close proximity to the US President. However, the White House has said that Donald Trump is not planning to be tested or to go into self quarantine.

Fabio Wajngarten who is the communications director of the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro has been tested positive as being infected by the deadly novel COVID-19 just days after he had travelled with the President Bolsonaro to a meeting that has been scheduled with the President of the United States Donald Trump and also with senior aides in Florida.

Stephanie Grisham who is the press secretary of White House has said that the assessment of the exposure in the case is being considered which would further dictate the next steps, said the press Secretary of White House in a statement on Thursday.

Stephanie Grisham has added saying that there had been almost no interactions between the individual who was tested positive and the President as well as with the Vice President and therefore there is no need to be tested at this point of time.

The communications director Fabio Wajngarten has joined the President Bolsonaro on a trip to the United States for three days and was at Mar- a- Lago club of Trump where he has also posted a photo of himself posing beside the President Donald Trump.

According to video, it can also be observed that he has been standing right behind both the Presidents of Brazil and the United States as they were addressing a crowd.

The meeting has also been attended by Ivanka Trump who is the daughter of Donald Trump and also his son- in- law Jared Kushner, Rudy Giuliani who is the personal lawyer of Donald Trump, Ernesto Araujo who is the foreign minister of Brazil and Eduardo who is the son of Bolsonaro as well as a federal lawmaker , among the pothers. The Vice President Mike Pence has paid a visit to Mar- a Lago in the evening of the same day of the meeting.

According to a statement, although Wajngarten had initially denied the report mentioning that he has been tested positive for the deadly novel coronavirus, saying on his social media account that he was fine and his health was in good condition, he has now been in a self- quarantined condition at his home.

The Brazilian statement has also said that the government of Brazil had also communicated with the authorities of the United States so that cautionary measures can be taken.

Stephanie Grisham has said that, under the guidelines of the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “ there is currently no indication to test the patients without symptoms, and only people with prolonged close exposure to confirmed positive cases should self- quarantine.”

By Shrithika Kushangi

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