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March 14, 2020 15:03
President Trump says Likely to be Tested for COVID-19 soon

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The President of United States Donald Trump has said on Friday that he would likely be tested for the novel coronavirus soon although he has stressed that he has not been bearing any symptoms of the deadly novel coronavirus.

The President Trump had been pressed repeatedly during the White House news conference on whether he should be tested after he had come into contact with the Brazilian officer who had been tested positive in being infected by the deadly novel coronavirus.

The questions have been initially shut down by the President and he has been saying that he doesn’t have any symptoms, as per the advice given by the doctors of White House. He added saying that it is not necessary for the people without symptoms to go and get checked regarding the deadly novel COVID-19, as told by the President Trump to the reporters.

However, after being grilled by the reporters regarding his encounter with the official of Brazil who has been tested positive for the deadly novel coronavirus after the meet where in President Trump was also in the meet, Mr Trump has said that he did not say that he wouldn’t be tested and that he would be would be mostly likely tested soon.

The President Donald Trump has spent time at his private club last week in Florida with at least three people who have now been tested positive which include the Brazilian Embassy in Washington announcing on late Friday that the d’affaires of the country, Nestor Forster has been tested positive as being infected by the deadly coronavirus after he has sat at Trump’s dinner table.

A Cabinet minister of Australia has also been tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday and it ha been said that several top administration officials which include Attorney General William Barr and Ivanka Trump who is the senior advisor and Donald Trump’ daughter, have met the Australian Cabinet minister during last week.

However, the President Trump has been reluctant in getting himself tested for the coronavirus initially while he has been telling that he would be tested as he wasn’t suffering with any symptoms of the disease, but later on he has said that would be most likely be tested for the virus soon.

By Shrithika Kushangi

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